Xtreme Clean Cell Sleeves


Xtreme Clean Cell Sleeve - Shipping included!

Let’s face it, everything is covered in germs, and your smartphone is no different. That’s why you need Xtreme Clean Cell Sleeve! This handy product creates a barrier that keeps all those nasty germs off your smartphone. All those places you set your phone with nothing between it and infection-spreading bacteria won’t mean a thing when you slip your phone into this protective sleeve. And the best part is, your touchscreen will respond right through the sleeve!  Put a barrier around your smartphone and keep those nasty germs off!

Product Features:

  • Heavy Duty 4 mil reclosable protective sleeves
  • Dimensions 4”x 6” 
  • Comes with 5 sleeves
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone 4/4S
    • iPhone 5/5C/5S
    • ​Fits any phones up to 4" x 6"

Did you know?

  • 4,359,180 germs could be living on your phone!
  • Cold and flu viruses can survive up to 3 days on surfaces that get touched a lot . . . like your phone!
  • Phones often have 4 times as much bacteria as toilet sets. YUCK!

The Fine Print

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