Attachable Golf Ball Pick Up Tool- $12 with Free Shipping

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Are you tired of straining your back to retrieve your golf ball after a putt? This handy little claw grip attaches directly to your putter and is specifically engineered to retrieve your golf ball after a putt has been made! Simple to use, it fits on any golf putter grip. You no longer have to bend over to retrieve your ball! The synthetic materials ensure high durability, and its sleek design will keep it discreet. This makes a unique gift for golfers of any age!


Directions to attach to your club:

1. Over a clean, flat surface, flip the tool open using your thumb, by pushing on the raised lip (opposite the "FnP" lettering).

2. There are 3 screws - be careful not to lose these! You may wish to remove them however, while aligning the tool on the club.

3. Align the pick up tool on the top of your golf club's grip.

4. Screw the tool into the top of the grip carefully, using all 3 screws.

5. Once in place, fold the tool back together, first by pushing down the smaller "FnP" flap, and then the larger flap to secure it in place.

6. To use the tool, just flip it open again like in Step #1, and pickup the ball! Enjoy!

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